Education is clearly a major tool and a strategic lever for the socio-economic development of Bayelsa State and for individual socio-economic empowerment and poverty reduction. The educational system is vital because it produces the workforce required to function in various facets of the State's economy and its development process.


The Vision of the Ministry of Education is to use Education as a tool for the total socio-economic and political empowerment of every citizen of Bayelsa , irrespective of gender, Age, geographical location or terrain and tribe and to make Bayelsa economically vibrant and political stable.


To provide sound, educational policy for effective and efficient management of our schools, the provision of standard educational facilities to ensure equal access by all citizens and to reduce the level of illiteracy to its barest minimum.

The Education Ministry is responsible for providing the following services:

    Implementing the National Policy on Education in the State

    Setting and prescribing minimum standards for educational institutions of the State

    Enforcing and monitoring standards expected of educational institutions in the State

    Assessment of both the process and the products of the educational system in the State

    Regular inspection and supervision of primary and post primary schools in the State