HYUNDAI: Bayelsa State Government did not Demand N200M from Hyundai Heavy Industries Company LTD, ....Company to Resume Operation soon in Bayelsa State

Our attention have been drawn to the unfounded rumour being peddled by mischief makers on social media that the Bayelsa State Government has demanded the sum of 200 million naira from the Hyundai Heavy Industries Company Limited as money spent to fuel the company's power plant at the time it trained Bayelsan youths on vocational skills at the Bayelsa State College of Arts and Sciences (BYCAS) being part of the company's obligations to build the "Brass Fabrication Yard". 

The rumor is not only unfounded, but a figment of the imagination of mischievous elements who are hell bent to incessantly take undue advantage of every opportunity to demonize and vilify the Dickson led Restoration Government. The Restoration Government has carved a niche for itself in youth empowerment, infrastructural development and re-branding of the state civil service among other things.

To set the record straight, the Dickson-led Government has never demanded and will never demand money from any foreign or local company that is contracted to train and enhance the vocational skills and capacity of young Bayelsans in the state. This government is awake to its responsibility of providing the enabling environment for businesses to thrive thereby attracting both foreign and local investors to the state.

The Dickson-led Restoration Government has relentlessly pursued this course and will continue to do so in the interest of Bayelsa State.

In a letter written by the Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., LTD dated 19 January, 2018 addressed to the Bayelsa State Government through the office of the executive Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, signed by Byung-Dae Lee, the company Vice President, Industrial Plant & Engineering Division, the company's management stated clearly the reasons that informed its decision to discontinue the "development of the Brass Fabrication Yard", which among other factors was the prolonged economic downturn and the failure of Federal Government to kick start the Brass LNG project that necessitated the location of the Brass Fabrication Yard in that part of the state. None of the reasons given by the company in its letter included the alleged 200m naira demand; it therefore becomes obvious that these lies are being fabricated by political manikins to discredit the Restoration Government.

It's pertinent to state that Hyundai Heavy Industries Company LTD will soon resume operation in Bayelsa state as its agreement with Government is to complete the Brass Fabrication Yard, train young Bayelsans who will in turn train other Bayelsans when the company eventually handover the yard to the state government as agreed.

Those spreading this unfounded rumour about the relocation of the Hyundai company should seek proper information, as to why the company appealed to discontinue with the project as contained in its missive, which are the prolonged economic downturn and the failure of the Federal Government to kick start the Brass LNG project.

However, Government is hopeful that the company will resume operation as soon as the economic situation improves trusting that the Buhari led Federal Government will also mobilize contractors to commence the Brass LNG as soon as possible.
Office of the Director
Bayelsa New Media.