Culture & Ijaw National Affairs


To unleash the potential of the arts, culture and heritage sector as a contributor to the economic development of Bayelsa state and the social cohesion of the Ijaw people.

To unleash the vast potentials of the arts, culture and heritage sector, our mission is to restore the culture of the Ijaw people by:

  • Projecting the Ijaw Identity with a Bayelsa characteristic
  • Developing and promoting of the Ijaw language and its indigenous dialects.
  • Promoting the cohesion of the Ijaw people and cordial relationship with other ethnic nationalities
  • Support for the umbrella organizations of the Ijaw people
  • Ensuring the representation of Bayelsa State arts and culture on the national and international scene.
  • Managing, promoting and development of Ijaw film-related issues.
  • Managing and administration of arts, culture and heritage institutions.
  • Developing and promoting arts, culture and community festivals.
  • Supporting excellence and sustainability in Ijaw arts, music, movie and literature.
  • Collecting and preserving the Ijaw archival heritage (monuments, etc).
  • Developing the cultural industries in partnership with the private sector.
  • Contribute to economic development of Bayelsa state via arts and culture.



The Commissioner for Culture and Ijaw National Affairs Bayelsa state, a Deltan, an activist now in government. He has held several activism positions and just two governments appointed positions; He was the special adviser to the MD/C.E.O of NDDC on youths, conflict Resolution, Gender and community development.

Before that he was the Chairman of Ijaw National Congress (INC) in Europe, based in the United Kingdom; he was also the pioneer president of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) that brought about the KAIAMA Declaration of the Ijaw people, one of the signatories of that historic document.

He has been involved in Civil Liberties Organization as a state chairman, Rivers State, Niger Delta Human Right Rescue Organization; Rivers Coalition among others. In the university, he was also the president, Student Union Government, president of his department medical student, he has been an activist all his life with a focus on Ijaw and the Niger-Delta as his main areas of concentration. Read More

Bayelsa State Flag

The Bayelsa State Flag


Bayelsa State Coat of Arm

The Bayelsa State Coat of Arm

a) The Flag

  • The flag has four colours (white, blue, red and green) and three stars.
  • The white colour represents purity, honour and truthfulness of the people, and their quest for justice.
  • The blue colour represents the abundance of waters and their inherent resources.
  • The red colour represents the memory and sacrifices of our heroes
  • The green colour represents rich vegetation
  • Stars: represent the hopes and aspirations of our people


  • Shark: the aquatic mastery and strength of the people
  • Crocodile: the rugged and the amphibious nature of the Ijaw people.
  • Leopard: denotes strength, agility, resilience and intellect of the people
  • Palm tree: signifies the agricultural agricultural endowment of the state.
  • Oil rig: signifies the first oil well discovered in Nigeria which is located in the State which has abundance of oil and gas resources.
  • Fishing Activities: the traditional occupation of the Ijaw people.
  • Canoe: denotes the craftsmanship of the people
  • Green Vegetation: denotes the greenery of Bayelsa state with mangroves criss-crossed by rivers, rivulets, streams, creeks, lakes and lagoons.


  • Truth: connotes Ijaw
  • Justice: connotes the need to ensure justice for everyone - without fear, affection or favour.
  • Service: connotes the willing of the people to always want to render service to mankind

Ijaw Music Project

  • Develop and promote Ijaw music by hosting state, regional and national competitions and projects on Ijaw music and dances to showcase the diverse but rich Ijaw indigenous music.
  • Support and promote Ijaw musicians in all genres of music (English etc)
  • Encourage the participation of Ijaw music and musicians in international events

Creative People Project 1 (Visual Arts)

  • Build Art galleries to display collection of indigenous, historical, and contemporary work
  • Support Arts publications
  • Encourage Documentary films on visual arts
  • Support State, national and international art exhibitions
  • Encourage Research on Ijaw visual arts
  • Encourage and promote Ijaw photography

Creative People Project 2 (Crafts)

  • Support the marketing and distribution of Ijaw crafts
  • Annual crafts awards
  • Galleries to Display the crafts
  • Annual craft competitions in the genres of textile, embroidery, weaving, indigenous clay and carvings

Ijaw Film project

  • Provide Marketing platforms for films
  • Make Bayelsa Film-making destination
  • Make Bayelsa a film-producing state
  • Develop, promote and support Ijaws in the film industry
  • Support the development of and access to the film industry
  • Research into the development of Ijaw films
  • Provide training and education

Ijaw Literacy project

  • Provide platforms to give writers / poets opportunities to hone their skills
  • Promote literature in Ijaw language
  • Literacy festivals
  • Literacy awards
  • Support for Ijaw writers / poets

Bayelsa Identity Project

  • Make Bayelsa people take pride in their cultural identity
  • Encourage the unity of Ijaw people
  • Develop, design and circulate symbols of Ijaw unity such as flags, coat of arms and anthem


  • To recognise and reward heroism/bravery in Bayelsa youths who against the odds of poverty and deprivation have excelled and made positive contributions to the betterment of the community and society at large.
  • To recognise and reward Bayelsa youths who risked their lives to save other person(s) and properties in the face of danger.
  • To inspire a conscious change in the mindset of the Bayelsa youths to be patriotic and service oriented.
  • To showcase virtues of the Bayelsa youths to the Nation and the International community at large.
  • To inspire and motivate other youths towards engaging in brave acts for the betterment of the society.
  • To change the 'tune' of accolades The State of Bayelsa receives from the International community.


  • Glory Kitchen
  • Glory Arts Gallery
  • Glory Digital Recording / Film Editing Studio
  • Institute of Ijaw Language

Social Cohesion
• Ijaw Stakeholders Interactive sessions
• Support programmes of the Ijaw National Congress and Ijaw Youth Council
• Promote peace, co-operations, and collective actions with other ethnic groups in the Niger Delta and the rest of Nigeria
Face of Ijaw Beauty Peasantry
• Promoting cultural beauty
• Inculcate Ijaw values on young women
• Empowering of young women
Ijaw Cultural Games
• Bringing to limelight the different games peculiar to the Ijaw people
• Encourage competitiveness among ijaw people
• Entertainment
Inter-Secondary Schools Cultural Competitions
• Promoting culture among the youths
• Discovery of young talents in arts and culture
Ijaw Fashion Exhibition
• Bring the best out of Ijaw fashion designers
• Promoting Ijaw fashion
• Promote the Ijaw fashion business
Ijaw History Project
• Sustaining the Ijaw History
Ethnographic exhibition of our cultural heritage
• Identify cultural monuments
• Preserve and display our heritage
The Yenagoa Cultural Park
• A Leisure centre
• Core cultural activities and entertainment