Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The ministry was created alongside other ministries within the state service structure shortly after the state was created out of the old Rivers State in 1996.It has had over six commissioners under different administrations since it was established.

The state has, since the ministry was created, evolved a strategy to lift its agricultural sector from the rudimentary stage to a commercial driven sector with structures that will ensure community participation and global best practices on the identified agro projects.

There are four (4) key companies under the newly constituted Bayelsa State Agricultural Development Company Ltd, namely, Bayelsa Farms Ltd; Bayelsa Palm Ltd; Creek Foods & Supplies and the Niger-Delta Sea Food Ltd. Add to this number are the Shrimp Culture Project, National Food Security Programme, Community based National Resources Management Programme, Roots and Tuber Expansion Project, Green House Vegetable Project, Agriculture Extension Scheme in collaboration with the Bio-resources Development Centre, Odi and Rural Access and Mobility Project(RAMP) in collaboration with the World Bank.

Status of The Ministry

The status of the ministry includes: the integrated divisional farm centres in the eight (8) Local Government Areas of the State; The N1b; Shrimp Culture Project; National Food Security Programme through the ADP; Roots and Tuber Expansion Project; Green House Vegetable Project; AGRIC Extension Scheme in collaboration with the Bio-resource Development Centre in Odi; Community Based National Resource Management Programme and Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP) in collaboration with the World Bank; Young school leavers programme (School –to –Land);National FADAMA 111 programme and Agricultural Development programme –Extension.
These major projects are to be complemented with cottage industries which are to be operated through community participation under our SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL FARM SETTLEMENT PROGRAMME (SAFSP). SAFSP is targeted at cooperative farmers in the rural communities of the eight (8) LGAs of Bayelsa State. This farmer settlement programme is similar to the highly successful Kibutz system in Israel. This has significant impact on the small holder farmers, hence a need to adopt this in Bayelsa State.

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